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Cotton Thread Bedding Fact Sheet

Because of its durability and breathability, cotton has become one of the most popular fabrics. Whether consumers choose pure cotton or a cotton blend, they can find a set of comfortable bed linens in a range of prices. With different varieties of cotton plants producing unique types of fibers, each cotton bed sheethas distinct qualities. Read the following cotton thread bedding fact sheet to find the ideal bed linens for you.

The difference in the fibers

Sea Island and Egyptian cotton plants produce long staple fibers, allowing a higher thread count in the finished product and accounting for most of the high-end cotton bed linens. The more common pima and American upland cotton plants produce shorter staple cotton fibers; these fibers are used in lower thread count bed linens and make up most of the cotton bed sheet market.

The blend of the fabrics

Cotton fibers are woven to create the different types of bed linen fabrics. Poly-cotton blend linens use cotton fibers in combination with synthetic polyester fibers for durable, wrinkle-resistant bed sheets. Silk-cotton blends combine cotton fibers with natural silk fibers for the feel and the look of silk at an affordable price. Cotton sateen, a very popular bed sheet fabric, uses a specific weave pattern that is specially treated for a satin gloss finish.

The importance of the thread counts

Cotton bed sheets are produced in a variety of thread counts. The thread count refers to the quantity of threads per square inch of fabric. Higher thread count bed sheets have better quality at a more expensive price. The most common thread counts range from 200 to 500; these bed linens are crisp, comfortable, durable and affordable. Bed sheets with thread counts superior to 500 are higher in price, have softer feel and are more durable. For high quality with extreme durability, opt for Egyptian cotton bed sheets.

The size of the bed linens

Cotton bed linens include a range of sheet sizes, from sleek twin bed sheets all the way up to the grandest of California kings. Complementary duvets and comforters are available in the same sizes and materials.

Cotton is a desirable fiber for producing soft, durable bed linens. Each specific cotton plant provides the basic look of a cotton bed sheet in a variety of fabrics, thread counts and sizes to suit your budget and your preferences.