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How to Make Hospital Corners

Want to make the crisp, clean lines of a hospital bed in your home each day? Learn how to make hospital corners by following these four steps.

  1. First: Setting it straight

    Make sure you have a fitted bed sheet that properly fits the mattress. Place the flat bed sheet on the mattress with equal margins at each side and about a foot hanging over the bottom. Make sure the bed sheet is high enough to cover your shoulders.

  2. Second: The proper pinch

    Standing near the foot of your bed on one side, lift the flat bed sheet even with the mattress. Pinch the sheet’s edge about a foot from the end of the mattress. Place the resulting fold on top of the bed, making a diagonal crease.

  3. Third: The magic tuck

    Tuck in the part of the bed sheet hanging in the space between the top edge of the mattress and the fabric you placed on top of the bed. Allow the top bit of the bed sheet to hang over the edge. The result should be crisp and clean.

  4. Fourth: Repeat as needed

    Repeat the three steps on the opposite corner. Tuck in the remaining end of the sheet for two perfect hospital corners.