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What is Percale?

If you buy sheets, you are more than likely to run across the word "percale." Percale describes the weave and thread count of fabrics commonly used in bed sheets and linens. It is available in an array of colors and is famous for its high quality. But what is a percale ?

The origins and contents of percale sheets

The word percale dates back to 1840 and is traced back to Persian origins. It is a closely-woven cotton fabric that is renowned for its fineness. The term "percale" does not really refer to any particular fabric. Percale refers to the weave used in the manufacturing process. It is made from cotton, polyester or a cotton-polyester blend.

The tightness and thread count of percale

The weaving of percale involves a process that requires the use of one horizontally thread for each thread used  vertically. This weaving makes percale fabrics the tightest woven. The thread count is always higher than 200, or 200 threads are used for every inch of fabric.

What is the grade of percale fabrics?

The grade and quality of percale fabrics vary. Egyptian cotton is more expensive than other types of percales and is one of the highest quality percales available. The increase in prices is because the cotton comes from Egypt.

Percale linens are some of the highest-quality linens you can buy. Although it is used to describe fabric, it is not a particular type of fabric as much as a particular type of weave. If you have percale bed linens, your linens are not only comfortable but also high quality.